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Since 1978


Spanning the entire country, the 5 State Helicopter national network services clients and their lifts throughout the United States.

Welcome to 5 State Helicopters.  As one of the Aviation Resources Holdings’ companies, we share a common mantra;  Provide the most effective & efficient helicopter service possible to our clients - period.  A professional, no-risk solution to lift loads, the helicopter is the closest thing to a multi-faceted tool that can do it all.  Our national network only includes fully FAA approved external/internal load operators and does not allow brokers.  Rest assured that with 5 State Helicopters, your job will be handled quickly, safely, thoroughly in the most effective & efficient means possible from quote generation through permitting, coordination and job completion… 5 State Helicopters covers all the aspects.

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5 State Helicopters and its network are certified FAA 133 lift operators.  We are not and do not allow third-party brokers to participate that jack up prices... period.

Aerial Crane versus Land Crane 
Comparison Chart


Less expensive - saves up to 65%

Saves time - on the job for 80% to 90% less in total




Lifts to 25,000 pounds with unlimited reach (100’s of miles if necessary) 



More expensive - incurs extra set up fees, labor costs, infrastructure damage and road closures all which drive up the price



Takes more time - set up & breakdown can take days, as well as extra equipment




100’s of tons BUT requires tons of equipment and days to assemble


THE BK-117

Announcing our new addition... the BK-117!



Announcing our new addition... the UH-60A Blackhawk!

THE S-61

5 State Helicopters is proud to announce our new operating partnership with Siller Helicopters.  The S-61 that is now stationed here and ready for operations is capable of lifting 8,000 lbs. Our S-64 will follow shortly, also being based here, and is capable of lifting 20,000 lbs.

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Since 1978
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FAA Part 133

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