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5 State Helicopters is a fully FAA approved external/internal load operator



Rooftop Unit Placement

Antenna and Tower Erecting

Steel Erecting

Duct work

Powerline Erecting

Lighting & signage placement

Ski-Lift Construction


Aircraft & Boat Salvage – Recovery

Wildfire Supression

Internal Cargo Transport

Disaster Relief Assistance

Placement of erosion control materials – Environmentally Friendly

Dust collectors, stacks, & power plants

Within our national network, 5 State Helicopters can provide helicopters nationally for job/lifts approaching 25,000 lbs.

what to expect

Next Steps

Once you’ve book your job with us, we handle all necessary steps to include:

  • 5 State will obtain aviation permits from the FAA

  • City permits are obtained

  • Police are notified

  • Fire departments are notified

  • Airports are notified (if necessary)

At the Site:

Prior to helicopter arrival:

  • Customer must review OSHA rules and regulations

  • Hard hats, eye protection and proper clothing are required

  • 5 State will conduct a safety briefing for the helicopter operations

Provided on site:

  • Helicopter and pilot

  • Two signal men with radio communications

  • Rigging, lifting straps, shackles and all necessary equipment to perform the job

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