Job Site Preparation

5-State Helicopters, Inc.
285 Blackland Rd.
Royse City, Texas 75189

Preparation of job site before the helicopter arrives

Customer must review OSHA rules and regulations. Hard Hats, eye protection,
and proper clothing.
5-State will Conduct a safety briefing for the helicopter operation before the lifting
begins. Ground briefing will be completed on the ground and roof briefing will
be completed on the roof.


5-State Helicopters Inc. will obtain aviation permits from the FAA.
City Permits for the helicopter landing in the city.
Sheriff, Police and Fire Department will be notified.
Control Towers (permission to enter into airspace will be obtained)

Site Preparations:

Safety Precautions

1. All vehicles cleared from the parking lot
2. People clear the landing area (100′)
3. Two top floors of the building must be clear
4. If building is more than 2 story’s the entrances
and exits must be secured during the lift.
5. Parking lot and roof of the building must be
clear of debris (plywood, plastic, loose vents,
corrugated roofing, any objects that can be
6. Dirt lots must be watered down prior to the
helicopter landing.
7. If RTU’s, units must be numbered to match
numbered curbs in the roof.
8. No cell phones during the lifting of equipment
9. No smoking or chewing tobacco during the lifting of equipment
10. If workers can not speak English then a translator must be on
the roof and ground at all times due to safety.
11. Remove all wood and screws so brackets that is holding
plywood can be removed.
12. All equipment must have lifting points (with the exception of
pipe or steel)
13. Units coming down (make sure duct work is not screwed to
the unit.
14. Gas lines to the unit must be turned off
15. Metal insulation brackets on the curbs must be screwed or taped
16. Malls (the section of the mall being lifted over must be clear of
17. Absolutely no person working around the building during the
Lifting of equipment.
Notify all other trades must be clear of the building during the lifting of equipment.
Helicopter Arrival
Landing site must be clear of people and any objects that can
be blown.
Before any person approached the helicopter all blades must
be shut down.
No person around the helicopter smoking

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